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Aistis forteller at Galloper nå er tilbake i form, bedre enn noen gang. Nå er de på vei til Polen for å starte stevne til helga.

Galloper starter World Cup i Polen
Oppdatert: 06/07-2010
Tekst: Red.*

- Hallo Eventers! Everyone has ups and downs. We had too. It’s especially hard when you are at higher level and have only one partner to compete. Slik starter Aistis sin seneste blog her på feltritt.com.

Galloper was sick. And it happened on the way to Badminton. If you think it can be worse, it can’t. He has been with me for 10 years, it’s the first time he was not well, he was actually very sick, and it was during Badminton. Nothing to do. At least I have learned something from it. And I hope thise bad experience will help to prevent such accidents in future.

As it says in the old popular song: Always look at the bright side of life..

Anyway, Galopper is well now.Very well. After being ill and had some weeks off to recover, he has put some weight on. Now he looks more roundly, just like dressage horse.. In short words - he looks strange. :) But the good thing is that he at the moment is doing very well on flat. To be honest, I newer had him so well going in dressage before.

Last few weeks we have been building us up for event in Poland in Strzegom. That’s a wonderful place to compete. Amazing show ground, top organization and it has been a lucky place for me and Galopper to compete the last four years.

There will be many top riders at Strzegom this year. Will be some job to do:)

We’ll go on Tuesday and will be down there Wednesday morning.
Yesterday I had last strong gallop with Gallooper. He was pretty much crazy. He was not galloping, but racing. I barely could control his speed. I know, when he is like that, he is ready. Ready to go and ready to jump whatever comes in his way. And I like it. If only his dressage mood could keep on¬Ö

Last week I had my young and promising rising star :) to a small national event. And she did it so well, it couldn’t be better. We finished on dressage score with just 42 penalties. And she is far away from showing all her potential. Nice mare, hopefully she will be ready to present her self at Young horse World Championships In France in November..

There will be a busy autumn for Galopper. We are heading for Kentucky, Duchess Petit to le Lion de Angers. There are some nice shows to do!.And that is exactly what I wish for you all!
Nice to be back with you, I’ll write some more fresh news straight after the World Cup in Poland.

Yours Aistis

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